A collection of tasty meals, made by our talented chefs, using only fresh local produce, to help you achieve your goals and maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Select your weekly plan from the options below, choose from our delicious range of healthy, nutritious lunch and dinner meals and we'll do the rest.

Luke 'The Highland Oak' Stoltman - Professional Strongman

"Without the right fuel we can't perform. Bubble & Goose meal prep not only gives us that, but they deliver the best quality product, resulting in optimum performance at the highest level in our sport. It was a pleasure working alongside the team at Bubble & Goose to develop the 'Feeding Champions' range and now enjoy them as part of my daily routine as a professional athlete".

- 5 x Scotland's Strongest Man
- British Log Lift Record Holder
- 4 x World's Strongest Man Competitor


Tom "The Albatross" Stoltman - Professional Strongman

"Having this quality meal prep has helped me focus 100% on training and being the best. I know i'm getting the best quality meals, made to my dietary needs, delivered fresh each week and they form an important part of my training for World's Strongest Man".

- World's Strongest Man 2021
- World Record Holder Atlas Stones ("King of the Stones")
- Runner Up World's Strongest Man 2020
- 2 x Scotland's Strongest Man 
- 3 x World's Strongest Man Competitor


Kyle Gordon - Elite Cyclist - Scotland International

"Preparation is the key to success and anyone looking to take their performance to the next level, should leave no stone unturned. Using Bubble & Goose meal prep allows me to do just that. I know exactly what I'm putting in my body so that I can be confident I can perform day in, day out. Less time in the kitchen means more time recovering resulting in better performance".

- 2020 British CTT 50 Mile Time Trial Champion
- 8 x Scottish Champion across different distances / disciplines
- Represented Scotland in 2018 Commonwealth Games
- Currently targeting Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022